Enniscorthy Rockin’ Food Festival

The Rockin’ Food Festival highlights the diverse food culture of Enniscorthy town. This family festival is the perfect opportunity for local and Artisan food producers to flaunt their finest food and beverage products, and the perfect opportunity for you, the festival goer, to fall in love with them.

Come with an empty stomach as the streets are alive with ceaseless rows of food stalls filling the town with a mouth-watering aroma of fresh, local cuisine. Floods of visitors come to try reliable tastes and also to sample unfamiliar flavours. From succulent burgers and smokin’ hot dogs to tangy chutneys and zesty juices, there’s something to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

With so much to choose from it can be a tough decision where to begin your food story. Delve in-and-out of some of the Rockin’ Food Trails, tailored for our festival goers to get the honest experience of Enniscorthy’s culinary gems.

Saturday’s local Farmer’s Market is another invaluable way of sampling the local produce. A humble gathering of the town’s people selling truly traditional produce.

On the off chance that you’re still hungry the restaurants, bars and hotels are trustworthy and deliver dishes with utmost quality of food and service.



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