Rockin’ Food Trails

A super way to experience the truly unique food and drink culture of Enniscorthy is to delve in and out of some of the wonderfully delicious Food and Drink Trails. It’s an opportunity not to be missed, to taste and explore the local culinary treasures whipped up by the food producers themselves. Sip and enjoy some of the thirst-quenching beers and spirits our local trail members have on offer while soaking up the soulful music along the Rock N’ Roll Gig Trail.

Check back in throughout the year to see the updated Trails available at the 2020 Rockin’ Food Festival.

Follow a single trail or delve in-and-out of many trails to taste the assortment of flavours and make the most of your Enniscorthy Food experience. Plan your own route with the colourful Rockin’ Food Trails Guide to ensure that nothing goes untested. There’s something tasty available for everybody, whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer indulging in more savoury essences. Regardless of your choices, the fantastic Rockin’ Food Trails are a no brainer for the ultimately sensational food experience.