Harvest Banquet

A celebration of Lughnasa / Lúnasa, the beginning of the harvest season. An evening of food, drink, fire, stories, song and laughter in the medieval surroundings of Enniscorthy Castle.


The evening will be full of wonderful fish, shellfish, meat, vegetables, herbs, cheese, fruit and beverages from the Wexford county and its neighbouring regions blended with alluring stories, song and laughter – a true #TasteWexford event.

The harvest celebration will begin by entering the grounds of the castle where you will see your dinner been cooked over open fire. First you will enjoy a Wexford-inspired punch and snacks on the ground floor of Enniscorthy Castle. Then, the proceedings will commence with stories from Baya Salmon-Hawk, an enlightening storyteller living in Wexford and our Irish drinks performers, Susan and Judith Boyle, sisters, gypsy brewers, publicans and storytellers from the Medieval town of Kildare. Expect to be entertained about how our history has shaped Ireland’s food and drink landscape today. Guests will be invited upstairs to the 1st floor of the castle where a banquet table will be full of delicious food and fair. Just as the Normans feasted, you too will be seated at the great tables. Stories will continue with song and laughter in between.

The evening will follow with a continuation of courses of roasted vegetables and meat and more fish, roasted whole over open fire as you witnessed when entering the castle grounds. This will lead to more stories and song on the rooftop where dessert will be served of sweet fruit, cheese, nuts and chocolate [weather depending] with a tipple of Kilkenny’s finest organic apple brandy and more. A lasting memorable evening is formed.


Baya Salmon-Hawk

Baya Salmon-Hawk learnt the art of Storytelling from her Italian great-grand mother and her grandmother in the south of France port of Marseille. She now spins her tales in Wexford and works regularly at the Hook Lighthouse, Loftus Hall, Kilmokea House, Wells House and other local venues. She can be contacted though her Facebook page @bayathestoryteller or her website


Susan and Judith Boyle

Both Susan and Judith grew up in their family pub in Kildare town and gained their love of the trade by washing glasses and stacking boxes. Judith is a qualified chemist, publican, beer sommelier, and a beverage lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology. Susan is a drinks researcher, writer and storyteller. With their diverse backgrounds, they have created two sell-out shows ‘A Wine Goose Chase’ and ‘Tales of Ales’ which has been on show in many festivals around Ireland and the UK. Susan and Judith also brew their own beer called St. Brigid’s Ale, who is the patron saint of beer. For more information, check out their website,

Ticket Price: €75.00 per person


Event Details

Date: Friday 3rd of August 2018
Time: 7pm
Location: Enniscorthy Castle, Castle Street, Ennicsorthy, Co. Wexford
Tickets: Buy Online Here
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