Grass Head


Date, Time & Venue:

  • Saturday 3rd August, 1:15pm in the Kid’s Marquee
  • Sunday 4th August, 2:45pm in the Kid’s Marquee
  • Monday 5th August, 1:15pm in the Athenaeum

Price: €10

Age: 4+ years

Note: All children must be supervised by a parent/guardian during this event.




A hands on workshop where children create their own Grass Head.


This educational workshop aims to raise children’s awareness of the importance of water in every day life. Children will be educated on water pollution and water waste through a fun and creative workshop where they grow their own Grass Head.  Age 4+

Additional information

Date & Time

Saturday 3rd August, 1:15pm, Sunday 4th August, 2:45pm, Monday 5th August, 1:15pm