Pizza Making Classes

Details to be confirmed for 2020



Step into the life of a Pizzeria Chef with this hands on Pizza Making Class.


Join Marian and his team at Mizzoni’s and try your hand at the craft of pizza making. Each child will be kitted out with their apron and chef’s hat and have their own pizza making station.

Head pizza maker Marian will demonstrate each step of the pizza making process while our young chefs get to work. Roll out your pizza dough, spread the tomato sauce, add your cheese and decorate with your favourite pizza toppings before sending your pizza to the oven.


Take a seat and enjoy a refreshing drink until your pizza is ready to eat!

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Date & Time

Friday 2nd Aug, 12pm, Friday 2nd Aug, 2pm, Saturday 3rd Aug, 12pm, Saturday 3rd Aug, 2pm, Sunday 4th Aug, 12pm, Sunday 4th Aug, 2pm, Monday 5th Aug, 12pm, Monday 5th Aug, 2pm