Rockin’ Food & Fruit Festival Food Vendor Guidelines


The Rockin’ Food & Fruit Festival celebrates the artisan, food, drink and the crafts market. Over 80 food vendors take over the streets of Enniscorthy, a town located in the sunny south-east of Ireland, over the May Bank Holiday weekend. The town is always jamming and is full of positive energy as free live outdoor rock n roll music and dancing creates fantastic energy around the town. It is an event not to be missed. Food classes /workshops for children and adults are also offered.




The festival committee will select vendors to trade at the Rockin’ Food & Fruit Festival from businesses that have applied online. Vendors from previous years that were successful, well received by the public and which have adhered to the rules will also be contacted and will be given priority. 


A reevaluation meeting takes place every year after the Rockin’ Food & Fruit Festival ends. Any vendors that have not adhered to the criteria outlined above did not adhere to their specified space or did not act in a professional and friendly manner will not be invited to participate in the festival again. 


Committee members will review and select the food vendors based on the following criteria: 

  • Completed application 

     o New vendors must provide the festival committee with pictures of their stands and list of products on offer 

     o Stand space is not guaranteed until (a) application has been approved by the event organisers and (b) the full two-day stand fee has been received. Payment must be made within 14 days following stand approval.


  • Diversity 

     o Stand spaces are strictly subject to availability. Please note that the committee may have to decline applications or move stands to different streets/locations due to size or power/water requirements or if there is too many of the same vendor offering and more diversity is needed.


  • Quality and presentation of stands and their products

     o Stands must look after their visual appearance. A colourful decoration with a friendly atmosphere in a manner that compliments the festival and reflects the products on sale is encouraged. Clear signage with your business name is required for all stands. The stand must be clean and presentable at all times.


  • Local roots and artisan food producers

     o A minimum of 30% of spaces is allocated to vendors that are local and come from Co. Wexford, adhering to the ethos of the festival. Priority is always given to local artisan food producers or vendors with exceptional offerings. 

Vendors that have participated in the past are NOT guaranteed acceptance but prior history will be considered in the application process. By completing and submitting an application you have acknowledged and accepted this.




Applicants accepted to participate at the Rockin’ Food & Fruit Festival must be able to comply with the following guidelines: 


Vendors must strictly adhere to allocated times for set up. Failure to do so or taking up the wrong space might result in the stand being removed from the festival completely. 

  • Vendors will be issued times for set up one week in advance
  • Times commence from 6AM on Saturday 4th May, if you are not there to set up at your allocated time your space will be given to the next person in line.

Stand holders must strictly adhere to space which they were assigned to. Failure to do so or taking up the wrong space might result in the stand being removed from the festival completely.

  • Allocated spaces will be sent two weeks before the festival.
  • All stand dimensions on the booking form must be 100% accurate as to avoid losing the allocated space on the weekend of the Festival.  If a very large space is required, please contact us directly on 087 4419140 or email
  • Stands must be registered with the Environmental Health Office, The Dept of Agriculture, Food and Marine or the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority.  It is a legal requirement for all Food traders to be registered. Please ensure that you contact the Wexford Environmental Health Office prior to the festival.
  • Tel: 053 9123522 (and ask for the Environmental Health Dept) or Email:
  • Stands must be able to provide a copy of their Public and Product insurance document which is to be sent with the application. All traders must carry their own Public and Product Liability Insurance. 
  • Stands must be able to provide a copy of their HSE Registration Letter which is to be sent with the application (Food Stands only).
  • In order to ensure the safety of all pedestrians, vehicles will only be permitted on the Festival grounds before and after festival hours. Vehicles on the grounds during festival hours will be towed.
  • All Vans MUST vacate the trading area straight after setting up on Saturday AM.
  • Stands must look after their own safety, as well as the safety of everyone else involved (event organisers, volunteers, customers etc.). Everything in or around the stand must be securely anchored and capable of withstanding strong winds and weather conditions.
  • Stand holders are required to maintain permanent and reliable communication with the Events Team.   Delayed response to urgent matters may cause cancellation from the stand holders list. All vendors must act in a professional manner.
  •  All communications and customer service must reflect and complement the ethos and vision of the Rockin’ Food Festival.



Vendors must be ready to serve when the festival opens each day. 

     o From 10 AM to 6 PM (Saturday).

     o From 10AM to 7 PM (Sunday).

Alcohol beverage vendors must be ready to serve when the festival opens each day and comply with the licence laws.  

     o From 10.30 AM to 6 PM (Saturday)

     o From 12PM to 7 PM (Sunday)

  • Vendors must commit to keeping stands in operation during all festival hours. Be sure to plan for adequate food supplies and staff to ensure excellent service at all times.
  • Please note all craft stands must be trading handcrafted products only and craft stands are allocated to Church Street only.
  • The sale of souvenirs, clothing, footwear, imported goods, commercial candy, etc. is prohibited. 


Waste Management Requirements: 

  • All businesses must have a sustainable approach to their operations and strive to reduce food waste and their environmental impact. We urge you to use food service supplies that are reusable, biodegradable or recyclable and limit the amount of plastic used.  Please reduce all retail and bulk packing and/or remove it from the site and dispose of it correctly. 
  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their booth space once the festival is over. NO items are to be left behind, including any trash created, cardboard boxes or food waste.

Failure to comply with any of the waste management requirements listed below and not cleaning up properly will result in the vendor being prohibited from participating in the festival again.

The Rockin’ Food & Fruit Festival will not be responsible for any loss of vendor property by fire, theft, wind, storm, or any other cause. By completing and submitting an application you have acknowledged and accepted these guidelines.