Rock ‘n’ Roll Gigs

#rockinfood2018 has a fresh Rock ‘n’ Roll line up scheduled with the best of both local and International talent. We have lots of Gigs scheduled around the town in a variety of venues. There will also be outdoor live music taking to the main stage on Saturday and Sunday not to be missed.


Here’s a list of some of the top class bands and artists you can expect to see throughout the weekend:

  • The Bellefords
  • Tom Cat & Zodiacs
  • Class of 58
  • Riley and the Moonrockers
  • The Rockets
  • Cado & The Delta Cats
  • Memphis Lee & The Creepers
  • Gavin Povey & The Fabulous Oke-She-Moke-She-Pokes
  • The Backbeats
  • Cherry Divine
  • Livestock Davies & The Low Down Snakes
  • John Lewis & His Rock ‘n’ Roll Trio
  • BP Rockabilly Band
  • Kav Kavanagh & The Low Down Snakes
  • The Runawayz
  • The Melodies
  • Highway 51 South
  • Deville Rebels



All of these fantastic gigs are free to attend on the Main Outdoor Stage and some are also appearing in other venues around the town. Make sure and check them out and support the venues who are hosting these gigs.

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