Brand Partner

Brand Partnership


Every year, our Brand Partners allow us to create the fantastic, International, family-fun weekend that is the Rockin’ Food & Fruit Festival. By providing us with their generous, financial support, our festival can reach its full potential by allowing us to schedule a jam-packed programme of events for all ages and tastes.

So, why become a Brand Partner?

International Festival

With footfall of over 50,000 visitors at last year’s festival, the Rockin’ Food & Fruit Festival is recognised both nationally and internationally as a flagship event on the Irish Festivals Calendar.


Support your Community

Your organisation will be involved in the development and promotion of the local community and surrounds.



Our marketing team are leading the way in terms of exposure. Our team are always open to your suggestions and ideas when it comes to growing your brand.


Brand Affiliation

Your brand, as a partner, will be associated with a highly anticipated event that generates a great atmosphere in Enniscorthy.


Target Audience

Your brand will be exposed to a variety of audiences from food and travel lovers, History, Art and Rock’n’Roll enthusiasts to families and local businesses.